Applications/Optical Cables

Optical Cables

Polystal round profiles are designed specifically for the use as central strength elements in the construction of optical fibre cables. For many years Polystal Composites GmbH has been the first choice supplier to major cable manufacturers throughout the world.

Positioned in the centre or outer jacket of the cable Polystal profiles protect the fine and thus fragile optical fibres from damage caused by mechanical stress.


Example of a cable with a stabilizing central member of Polystal
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Our high-profile customers set store on both Polystal's superior tensile strength, owing to the optimal proportion of reinforcement fibres, and the superb level of malleability.

Polystal profiles are particularly suitable for thermoplastic coatings because of the material's structured, free of separating means surface. Adhesion of coating materials to the profile is outstanding and thus guarantees that coated Polystal profiles do not allow longitudinal water flow. Coated Polystal can be used for a whole host of cable constructions. Polystal supplies a variety of coatings including polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and polyamide (PA).

cross sections

Types of cable constructions (for additional descriptions
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If required, we can coat Polystal profiles with layers of a special swellable paste. This allows constructions which automatically insulate the cable from the ingress of water.

In the Technical Specifications section there is an overview of different types of Polystal and their properties.