Composite material Polystal

The raw materials for Polystal are synthetic resins (polyester, epoxy etc.) as matrix materials as well as endless fibres made of glass or Aramid as reinforcement elements. In individual cases are also carbon or natural fibres used.

Polystal composites have an optimum amount of reinforcing fibers (with glass fibres 80% weight). The lamination of the material is outstanding. The combination of raw materials and a special production process lets us to create Polystal round profiles with an exceptional tensile strength and a high modulus of elasticity.

Unlike in products manufactured by other providers, the reinforcing elements in Polystal are concentrated in the centre of the profile. Since there are no fibres on the surface of the profile, the material is particularly malleable and unbreakable.

Additional Polystal properties are:

  • low specific weight
  • corrosion and weather-proof
  • dielectric behaviour
  • minimal water absorption.

Owing to the state-of-the-art manufacturing process the surface of Polystal is free of separating means and structured in a special way. Thus the material can be easily coated with thermoplastics and can be processed further without problems.